September 18, 2014

Around Australia

In Victoria:

Injured Workers Support Network Victoria.

Our fellow organisation in Victoria.

The Injured Workers Group of Victoria

This group is run for and by injured workers.

This group holds regular meetings every 3rd Thursday of the month at 11:30 (except January)

These meetings are held at the Trades Hall Building, Corner of Lygon St and Victoria St Carlton South.

They also provide advice through their email.


P: (03) 94607592.


Union assist

Is available to union members. They provide expert advice to help you with your WorkCover disputes at the conciliation stage and advice in any WorkCover issues that may arise


P: (03) 9639 6144



In Tasmania:

Worker Assist

Works for injured workers as they go through the Tasmanian Workers Compensation system. They provide assistance and advice with lodgements, claims and the return to work process.


P: 1300 027 747



In South Australia:

Work Injured Resource Connection

Provide referrals and information as well as some practical assistance to injured workers in South Australia.


P: (08) 8255 9138



In Queensland:

The Workers’ Compensation Information Service

Assists Queensland workers under stand their rights and entitlements under the workers’ compensation scheme in Queensland.

P: 1800 102 166



In the ACT:

Get in touch with your Union or ACT Workcover

-information being fact checked.


In Western Australia:

Injured Persons Action and Support Association of WA Inc

Mission: To provide support and information to injured persons in Western Australia

P: (08) 9325 5599

In the Northern Territory:

Get in touch with your Union or WorkSave NT

-Information being fact checked.


In General:

A Workcover Victims Diary

Founded in 2011 by seriously injured WorkcoverVictim, we are a group of workers (and healthy family members and friends) who are or have been (seriously) injured or made sick on the job. We have first hand, vast, experience with primarily the Victorian workcover system and strongly believe that it -like most other states’ workers’ compensation schemes- needs improvement! We are a free, fully independent [¹] and rather popular ‘injured worker community”, which has been active in ‘working’ for any positive changes that help injured workers of all walks of life. (Based in Victoria)

Insult and Injury

Dr Peter Sherman works in the field and has a very astute and professional view of the problems with the Workers Compensation System around Australia (based in Tasmania)