April 27, 2012



I need help!

  • Call Lifeline’s 24hr crisis telephone line on 13 11 14
  • Online one-on-one Crisis Support Chat
  • Call 000 if life is in immediate danger

We aim to build a society that understands and responds to the personal and social impact of depression, works actively to prevent it, and improves the quality of life for everyone affected.




Workers Health Centre -worker focused Rehabilitation Specialists

Phone:        02 9749 7666

Mobile:       0419 402 775

Email:         director@workershealth.com.au


Transhelp Foundation

National Support Line

1300 787 996
This is the transport industries own 24/7 ‘Lifeline” Our national support line is manned by people with transport backgrounds who understand the industry. The services offered is very diverse, so if you have an issue and don’t know where to turn give us a call, if we can’t assist directly we have a huge network in which we can refer you to.



The Workplace Tragedy Family Support Group is both a support group and a campaign organisation. Most of us have lost loved ones and know first hand the deep grief and suffering caused by workplace accidents – in particular, grief caused by workplace fatalities.

We believe that our losses place us in a unique position to provide comfort and support to others who find themselves in this tragic situation.
Our aims include:
a) To provide comfort and support to those persons who have been affected by a work-related tragedy;
b) To improve industrial safety by raising awareness of the impact of a work-related death on families;
c) To ease the impact of a work-related tragedy on family members, and to assist in reducing unnecessary pain and suffering by families following a work-related tragedy.
d) To assist persons to cope with a work-related tragedy
e) To educate members, and to encourage their participation in forums and with other groups regarding work-related occupational health and safety, workers compensation and work-related tragedies.
f)  To work with, or otherwise combine with, any association, having objects similar in whole or in part to the objects of this Association.
g)  To hold, purchase, lease, sell, mortgage or otherwise deal in property.
h) To enter into contracts and agreements for the purpose of furthering directly or indirectly any one or more of these objects.
i)  To raise funds for the purpose of carrying on the objects of the Workplace Tragedy Association.

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