June 29, 2012

Your right to choose your own rehabilitation provider and treating doctor

Under the NSW Workers Compensation System, you are entitled to Occupational Rehabilitation if you sustain an injury or illness as a result of your work.

You also have the right to choose your own Rehabilitation Provider, treating doctor, Surgeon Medical test service and any other medical provider or service you may need to recover from your injury.

The IWSN advises you to use your own local doctor, and not attend any suggested to you by your employer or your insurer.

The IWSN advises you to think carefully about the rehabilitation provider you choose, It is important that the rehabilitation provider is not influenced by the insurer or your employer but has your recovery as its only goal.

The Workers Health Centre is the major sponsor of the IWSN and is highly recommended.

Established in the early 1970s, the Workers Health Centre is Australia’s oldest workers health and safety service. Over the years it has helped tens of thousands of workers.

The Workers Health Centre is a WorkCover NSW accredited Rehabilitation Provider. As a rehabilitation provider their role is to help you get back to work safely following an injury or illness.The Workers Health Centre is a non-profit organisation that has provided workers with quality health and safety services since 1976.

Their independent team of qualified health professionals, including treating doctors, can provide specialist services to assist you to return to your fullest potential at work.

Suite 2, 133 Parramatta Road
Granville NSW, 2142

Entrance via Good Street

(If using GPS use following: Corner of Good Street and Parramatta Road, Granville)

Phone: 02 9749 7666
Fax: 02 9897 2488

Postal Address: PO Box 123 Granville NSW 2142

Email admin@workershealth.com.au

Email: director@workershealth.com.au

A short walk from Granville railway station.

What we will do...

  • Assess your individual needs
  • Provide information about your injury and recovery
  • Maintain regular contact with you and all parties involved in your rehabilitation to ensure a safe return to work
  • Facilitate treatment services to enhance your recovery
  • Provide ongoing support throughout your recovery and rehabilitation
  • Provide advice about modifications to your job
  • Establish programs to gradually increase your hours and duties at work
  • Provide information about aids and equipment
  • If necessary we will assist you to find new employment (this may include vocational counselling and retraining
  • Diane

    I have been trying to work with a very dysfunctional rehab provider. our communication has broken down as they got dates days months wrong and try and turn it onto me when speaking to case manager. they do not have good people skills and their aim is not to help you get better without doing any more damage to a existing injury they is just after reconnection they don’t care how is who is effected in the process as long as its not them. they use bullying and threatening tactics to try and get to where they want one day they will push a person to far and they will feel so bullied by them and tormented they will commit suicide. Then its on them. For their uncaring torment that she has inflicted on this soul

  • faye

    7/2015 work injury (elbow)report filled and sent to doctor meds given no exray then sent to therapy after work while still lifting items ok I kid you not the therapist left every day at 4p.m I arrived at 3:47 and my job would not let me take of work to make appointments the doctor sends me back to work regular duty I complained damm it I am still hurt hell I never got any treatment this doctor tells me yeah,yeah you should be fine ok a month goes by so this time I call the claim adjuster and the claim adjuster sends me back to this doctor and the doctor is pissed the doctor says to me”do you have!!!pain!!! I m like yes I have been trying to explain she says do you want a cortisone injection yeah i but my elbow is so tender she jamms the needle in the area I have a reaction.ok now she sends back to therapy and light duty the shot last 28 days so luck happens the doctor goes on vaction so Isee another doctor and they send me to a therapist office closer to my house and now recieving more therapy time now hell it is January the new tells me unfortunatley your elbow is beyond therapy care you need surgey…surgey 3/2015 7 months trying to recover surgeon release back to occupational dr and she sends back work regular duties hell I have inflammation and pain ?? HELP

  • MadChef

    I’m in vic but since awcvd site is down wondering if anyone can help.
    Can you force your insurance company (Allianz) to change rehab provider? I am absolutely sick of the sh*t I am being feed re job suggestions.
    I am on person #3 with this company-so far…
    Last time I was forced to see these idiots (2 weeks post my 2nd surgery in 9 weeks and unable to cope with meds/pain) she handed me pretty much the same sh*t suggestions as the last 2 years worth of crap. Thanks for making me travel for 3 hours for that!
    I specifically told her not to put down certain jobs- explaining I fully understood what the job requirements were and they were not suitable.
    I emailed her a long list of possible suggestions but ALL required retraining.
    Every THP has said retraining (since 2013)/
    Even at last conciliation the conciliator said I must be retrained.
    Some how she completely managed to forget I CANNOT walk/ sit and medicated off my head some days. And I was sent a stupid list of walking jobs! Now they have dropped me again as I have fallen back into the too hard basket!
    The RTW provider is Nabenet and I fully believe they are so in bed with Allianz it is nauseating!
    (please remove that comment if it will cause any problems for your site)
    Can I demand using a new RTW provider? If I am retrained I can easily find my own job!
    I am so down on this and now have been told 2+ years worth of surgery ahead.
    I f**king hate WC and would do absolutely anything to escape.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    cheers MadChef

  • Anna

    Who can explain how an injured worker, ticked off by a GP as ‘fit for pre injury duties’ then later agreed with the uInsurance Company on 30% Whole Person Impairment, is not, and has not received any weekly payments since being incorrectly ticked off as ‘Fit for Pre Injury Duties’, which clearly he is not……

    At the age of 62, and upon losing his dedicated 40 year career, who is employing him, and who is retraining him? No one. Worked all his life since 15 years of age, paid taxes, the usual stuff. Never anywhere near the Social Services system.

    Go figure. The legal wrangling is obscene. Injured workers are not interested in legalities, they are interested in knowing how the hell they are going to survive, as funnily enough, their electricity, food, gas, lifestyle and interests they are managing to still participate in, as is their basic right like everyone else, are suddenly FREE ?? Miraculous.

    The marginalisation is cruel and unusual punishment.

  • jan

    can you tell me where I can find a document that advises of the right to choose own rehab provider please? I have a colleague who is being told she cannot chose,

    • Rowan

      It’s in the legislation. Check our fact sheets for further details.

  • injured workers support

    Thanks for the feedback Bruce – hope this is useful to others! There is no doubt a choosing your own rehab provider and not the bosses one definitely reaps rewards.A good solicitor experienced in workers comp law and a informed union also assist in ensuring you get to return to work and stay there.

  • Bruce

    Yes the workers health centre my union AMWU and great assistance from all got me back to work in 3 days after being on compo for 4 months.

    I contacted Turner Freeman 2 weeks after my injury and they have been fantastic, I’ve received s 40 s66 &s67 payments. The injury happened in july 2011.

    Legal wheels are now turning for common law claim against a state gov’t provider.

    The compo laws have stuffed up many a good person and I;m lucky but still down and out.