September 27, 2014

Returning to Work

Post a question here to ask the IWSN on-line community any question you may have about returning to work while receiving Workers comp or afterwards.

Fact Sheets:

Fact sheet 8 Returning to work

002 What is Suitable Employment Fact Sheet 2013

Accessing retraining
Retraining An injured worker does not have an automatic right to retraining. It must form part of a return to[...]
What are Suitable Duties? Your Questions Answered.
This week Prinola from the Workers Health Centre answer your question: What are Suitable Duties?
Can your boss direct you to have a medical examination? Even if your not on workers comp?
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Discrimination @ Work and Workers Compensation
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I’ve found work. What do I do?
What happens if you have work?   The main focus of the current workers compensation system in NSW (and elsewhere)[...]
Discrimination: What is it and does it apply to injured workers?
This is illegal: Discriminating against someone based on race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, social origin, age, medical record,[...]
  • XYZ

    RETURN TO WORK CERTIFICATE – they back date the certificate, is that legal

    twice now, i have been made to sign off on my return to work certificate without any notice. Both times my rehab consultant made me sign it on the day we met (to discuss what duties, how often etc) meaning my obligation to work X hours in my first week back was not possible on the first day.
    The latest one, I signed the form 6 days ago (hunting weekend) and still have not been given a return date.

    Can this come back on me? Can they penalise me?
    Why are they so quick to get you back at work and rush it through? appointments are usually at end of day yet they always date it to start that day when in reality that isn’t possible.

  • Barry

    Just heard from fellow worker, workplace conditions are getting worse

  • Barry

    How can you return to work when the perpetrators of the problem have been given sanctuary by the company, I have been screwed over by people who I thought I had a good working relationship with, all sponsored by the management and sanctioned by the company HR