July 4, 2017

Injured Workers Support Network Comments Policy.

Injured Workers Support Network Comments policy:

We encourage members and supporters to contribute to the conversation on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages. We take our responsibilities seriously and strive to ensure comments are civil and relevant.

All comments are moderated by IWSN staff & volunteers.

It is IWSN policy not to edit comments except to remove or hide the following information:

  • Your full name​
  • The name of a non-public figure you may have mentioned in your comment
  • Swear words and material that may be offensive to others.

We may refer your comment back to you prior to posting, or contact you for clarification but in general we will only to accept or refuse them.


The Injured Workers Support Network takes the confidentiality of our members & commentators seriously. However, we accept that comments left on our page by you identifies that you want them to be publicly posted. Therefore, confidentiality of the information posted in comments is primarily your responsibility. If you wish to keep your information or comment private, please use the email help@injuredworkerssupport.org.au rather than the comments section.


  • We and our members feel strongly about the issues being highlighted, however any comments that can be reasonably considered offensive, threatening or obscene will not be allowed.
  • Do not post material that may incite violence or hatred.
  • We will not tolerate comments that humiliate or disparage others based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, mental or physical disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Gratuitous abuse – be it of the author, subjects of the story or other commentators – will not be accepted.
  • Any comments that are legally questionable, may be withheld until the IWSN seeks advice prior to posting.
  • Please keep your comments relevant to the discussion at hand.
  • Comments that stray too far off topic, are largely repetitive or do not add anything to the debate will not be posted.
  • Swear words are out.
  • People who SHOUT, i.e. WRITE ALL IN CAPS, or use leetspeak will not be allowed.
  • Do not use the comments section for commercial purposes or spam.
  • Comments that advertise, promote or solicit any goods or services will not be accepted.
  • Please limit the use of links in comments.
  • Comments containing links to unrelated or unsuitable material will not be published. The IWSN has an internal policy as to what is promoted on our Website and Social Network pages and this policy will be followed with regards to any links you may post.
  • Comments must be in English so readers can follow the debate.
  • Do not impersonate others in the comments section
  • Do not post personal details (yours or others) – phone numbers, postal or email addresses – that could inadvertently put someone in danger.
  • Only submit your comment once. Comments may not appear instantly. Submitting multiple versions of the same comment will only slow down the process. Repetitive comments will be deleted.

If you wish to report a comment that has been published and you feel is inappropriate, please contact support@injuredworkerssupport.org.au

Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites do not allow for editing of comments other than those that originated from the Injured Workers Support Network. As such any comment that does not meet this comments policy will be deleted.