Starting a local network in your local area.


If you would like to be involved with starting a local network with other injured workers its now time to let us know - and time for us to make sure it happens. 

So, If you are in, I'm in!

What is an Injured Workers Support Network Local Network?

A Local Network is an active group of injured workers, their families and supporters who work within their community to support themselves and others, change the system and highlight the problems they face to their local community,

Why are Local Networks Important?

The Injured Workers Support Network is a member driven organisation. Local Networks allow members to become involved in all aspects of our work.

Local Networks allow injured workers to:

• Break their isolation by meeting others with similar stories.

• Empower themselves and others in their own issues and the wider fight.

• Join in with other networks to change the laws and culture around workers compensation and

• Change the community attitude towards workers with an injury and/or an acquired disability.

Our issues are systemic not individual. It is only by joining together that we will achieve change.

How do we decide what the "local" is in local networks.

1. A group of injured workers living near each other who may know each other decide to start a network and approach the IWSN for help in achieving this.

2. The IWSN identifies area where there is a density of on-line or linked in members and approaches them to gain interest in starting a network in their area.

3. The IWSN co-ordinator and board identify an area where we have identified a need for a network (with or without on-line or linked in members) and organise for a forum to identify interest in that area.

4. An affiliated organisation identifies their area as needing a network and “hosts” that network.

Any member can approach the IWSN head office and request a local network be formed in their area.

However the need for a local network is identified, the guides for establishing a local network are followed.

Guides for Establishing a Local Network.

• A Local Network consists of a minimum of five (5) committed members. This is to ensure participation.

• The group must have facilitators. they must be trained. Training is:

• Introduction to the IWSN

• Facilitating a Local Network

• How to tell your story

• Local Networks are geographically based either by town or state electorate. The guiding principal is distance travelled generally an hour by public transport i.e town by town or between suburbs.

• Local Network’s meet a minimum of once every 2 months but are encouraged to meet once a month at a central location.

• Local Networks are encouraged to seek a host or support organisation to assist them.