September 28, 2014

Talking to the Politicians

The IWSN takes any opportunity to voice our concerns to those who have the power to change the Workers Compensation system.

This page is where we will share our stories and your stories on talking to the politicians.


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  • Complainers of the world make a difference

    There is a system where the medical specialists are selected by the WCC and they report directly to the WCC and their report in some aspects is “conclusively presumed to be correct” in certain aspects. These are the Approved Medical Specialists (AMS). The trouble is these same AMSs can also be IMEs selected by either the injured worker’s solicitor or the insurers. Unfortunately some of these might be biased by any imbalance in who pays them. There is nothing stopping and AMS from doing all their other work for a particular party as an Independent Medical Examiner. There is not even a disclosure log for anyone to find out this as it is “commercial in confidence”. This means the AMS may have a big undisclosed conflict of interest and that when the AMS works “independently” for the WCC there is every possibility they may be subjected to there own cognitive bias or conformational bias caused by financial bias!!

  • Mary Z

    In order to minimise costs, time and stress to all involved with workers compensation court proceedings; and to make the system infinitely more fair and just, I believe it would be a good idea if there was a register of specialists who report, independently of the injured worker and the insurer, directly to the courts. By having an alphabetical register of specialists the courts could engage, on rotation, as required, would mean the court would not have to inevitably and constantly decide between conflicting medical reports – which reports are often not as impartial and accurate as they might be if there was no other agenda, other than the care, rehabilitation and/or compensation of the injured worker, taken into account.