Talking to your insurer part 3: Know your rights

Know your rights

Knowing what you are entitled to and what you are not is a key part of talking to your insurer.

For a number of reasons the insurer may not be playing fair with you, or they may be doing everything fair and above or beyond what they can. Knowing your rights can make the process easier for you in both cases.

Some basic rights you should always remember are:

  • To choose your own doctor
  • To choose your own rehabilitation provider
  • To choose your own treatment provider
  • To choose your own legal representative
  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To have a say in your injury management plan
  • To have a choice between three Independent Medical Examiners if your insurer insist you attend one.
  • To have your medical records private (other than those relating to your injury)
  • To make a complaint against your insurer
  • To be provided with all relevant documents if the insurer makes a work capacity decision.
  • To have your weekly income benefits reviewed.
  • To have a permanent impairment percentage calculated.
  • To have suitable duties while at work.