Talking to your insurer part 4: Know your responsibilities

Know your responsibilities:

As important as knowing your rights is knowing your responsibilities. Knowing these will mean that if the insurer is asking you to do something, you will understand when they are being reasonable in their demands.

Some of your responsibilities are:

  • See a doctor of your choice if treatment is needed and get a WorkCover medical certificate (you are entitled to choose your own doctor)
  • Obtain a regular work capacity certificate and hand it to your insurer (keep a copy for yourself).
  • Comply with your return to work plan
  • Co-operate with your insurer, in particular, complies with any reasonable request to provide specified information in addition to that provided on the claim form
  • Attend (if necessary) a medical examination with a medical practitioner arranged and paid for by the employer at a reasonable time
  • Provide up to date WorkCover medical certificates.
  • Advise your insurer when asked to do so, who your Nominated Treating Doctor is (i.e. doctor of your choice)
  • Comply with your Injury Management Treatment Plan.