Talking to your MP

8,000 injured workers are going to lose their weekly support over the next 16 months because of the 5 year Baird Trap. Most wont be able change their situation despite the impact of their acquired disability. They may not be able to change it trapped by the insurers and the unfair legislation. 

What everyone can do is talk to their local MP, tell them to change the laws and extend assistance to all injured workers. Its not hard to talk to your mp. iI might be harder to make them listen to you. ​

What you should tell them:

Tell them your story. If you are an injured worker the best thing you can do is let your local MP know what happened to you, what the impact of your injury is and what will happen if support ends in such a inhumane way as it is going to do. Finally tell them that you want them to work with their the other MP's to change the laws, remove section 59 from the Workers compensation Act 1997 and replace it with a commitment that the workers compensation will support injured workers till they return to health.