The tangled web of Workers rights and Workers Compensation.

Workers Rights are sacred right?

Injured Workers rights are sacred?

It comes as a shock to most people injured at work that those rights they thought were enshrined may not be as sacred as they thought they were.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series on worker and injured worker rights to be collected at the end into another (shorter) handbook for you and everyone to access if and when they need to.

to do this though I would love to know what rights or areas you would like to know about.

What rights do you think people who have gone through what you have gone through should know?

What areas are problematic to you?

Let us know in the comments section and I will include them in the series.

  • MP

    Privacy. What rights do injured workers have? Can they legally surveillance people? Can they ask intrusive questions about not only you but your family? Are injured workers privacy rights different to those not injured at work? Is the privacy act not applicable to injured workers?

    Why can’t you take a lawyer union representative in with you to an ime medical appointment?

    Why can’t you record things, take notes voice record?
    Why are records inaccurate, i.e. They don’t write down what you actually say?

    Why are people injured at work not given proper advice regards their rights?
    Why is it that you have to have great legal expense when ur not at fault?

    Why is there not a package given to injured workers after thei injury to fill in with the accident form about what support, etc they need to know and so on so they are fully informed?

    • Josse Hoddgie

      I would like to know the same all your questions are mine also