This is What 8% Whole Person Impairment Looks Like

Author: Leigh Shears, First posted to our Face Book Page 30.10.16

Earlier this year I was told by the insurer that they will no longer provide physiotherapy because 'they are not in the business of maintenance'. They will only provide assistance where there is a likelyhood that the treatment will assist in full recovery. As of a couple of days ago I no longer have entitlement for workers comp after the 2 year period has expired. With a significant injury to my lower back it's expected that I will never fully recover from my injury. I am in pain of varying degrees all of the time and suffer periods of restricted mobility. I, like most injured workers are considered a low priority when it comes to injury management and who pays the price? We do. Our families, our wives, our children and our community.

Our only crime was to go to work, make a buck so our lives have meaning, to add to the productivity of the business to make a profit.

Injured workers need to step out of the shame of injury and tell their stories. Injured Workers need to get out and fight for change. Together we can achieve what alone can only seem impossible.