March 23, 2016

Work capacity decisions

Chapter 5 of the NSW Workers Compensation Handbook has information on Work Capacity Decisions.

A Short Guide to: Appealing a Work Capacity Decision 

Work Capacity Decisions: Merit reviews & Legal Support
If your appeal to the insurer hasn't resulted in them overturning their decision you can make a second appeal to[...]
Work Capacity Decisions: Appealing a Decision
First review step: Internal ReviewThe first option for a review is called an Internal Review. An internal review is conducted[...]
Fact sheet: Work Capacity Assessments
WORK CAPACITY ASSESSMENTS (WCA)The 2012 changes to the workers compensation Acts of NSW introduced work capacity assessment as a tool[...]
Work Capacity Decisions: Receiving the letter
Notification of a work capacity decision:The insurer must notify you in writing of the work capacity decision if it will[...]
Fact sheet: Suitable Employment
​WHAT IS 'SUITABLE’ EMPLOYMENT?​A worker’s capacity to earn in suitable employment (1987 Act: S.32A, S.35)Determining a worker’s current work capacity[...]