What I have leant over the past three years.

Three years as the Injured Workers Support Network Coordinator has taught me a lot.

Here are just three things I have learnt. 

Change happens.

Seriously, I can count ten ways we at the IWSN have helped, inspired or forced change to the workers compensation system in NSW. From the early days where we forced people to focus on health, to the changes to IME procedures, to the internal stuff, to the growth of our members meetings, to the increased rights of injured workers, to a greater level of respect. We have been at the fore front of that change and it would never have happened if people like you the reader hadn’t put up their hands and made those changes happen. Yes there is a way to go but from where I am standing I look back and can see the history of positive changes that we have made happen but…..

The system is still very, very bad.

By the end of this year over six thousand injured workers who have limited capacity to work due to their disability which they got because of the work they were doing are going to be cut out of the system, not because they have recovered but because the Liberal government just doesn’t think they are important enough to care about. Lives are ruined by this system and are going to continue to be ruined. Those people who are responsible for this should be held to account on all occasions throughout the rest of their lives, they shouldn’t escape their culpability just because they are no longer “public figures”. they should not be forgiven, the damage they inflicted should never be forgotten. they were wrong, on all levels but on a moral level in particular they were wrong, ideology is no excuse for what they have done. and yes, I am still as angry as I was when I started in this role three years ago.  Though…..

People are amazing.

I can’t properly describe the feeling I have when I think back to some of our members I started with three years ago who went from injured and down trodden to (still injured) but powerful, seeing members stand up to politicians, to departmental and insurance executives, those who turned their personal lives around and allowed me, a stranger to witness these changes and help them make those changes. I personally think we will overcome the problems this liberal government has given us and pay them back ten fold as time goes on. I am feeling very positive about the future and know that this is because well.. people are amazing.