Workers Compensation Draft Bills tabled today -Shame Barry Shame!


Not good news for ill and injured workers!

It seems no one was listening at the Parliamentary Inquiry as these  draft Bills seek only to take money from the pockets of the injured and ill in an attempt to starve people back to work.

The draft Workers Compensation Bill is available at this link:

Millions of dollars of  tax payers money wasted on a 3 day Inquiry,overseen on by a stacked Panel who did nothing more than waste everyones time and rubber stamp the OFarrell governments wishes to slash injured workers benefits.


No real provisions to ensure employers prevent injuries in the workplace

Reduced pay from day one

Further ability for insurers to bully and attack workers

no journey claims

Work capacity testing by INSURERS

No death benefits for the family of those killed at work that have no dependents

Impossible thresholds for permanent impairment

and a new watch dog to oversee the bedlum

and the list goes on……………………