Workers Compensation Review


This page is to assist workers who wish to make their own submission to the review of the NSW workers compensation system.

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You can raise any issues you like, but there are three main points you might want to focus on:

  1. How your injury/illness occurred
  2. How your injury/illness is now
  3. How the cuts to the workers compensation system impacted on you and your family

To assist with your submission, this page provides brief background points on each of these issues, with room for you then to make comments based on your own experience. When you have finished simply click send.

Background points

The top priority for the NSW Government in reviewing the workers compensation system must be on restoring fairness to the system.

The cuts made to workers compensation have been so severe that the $4 billion deficit from June 2012 has turned into a $1.3 billion surplus less than two years later, which is growing by over $500 million every six months. These savings have come directly out of injured workers pockets mainly by:

  • Excluding journey claims;
  • Stopping most weekly payments after 2.5 years, with no consideration of whether the person has recovered or is in employment;
  • Stopping medical payments one year after weekly payments end, with no consideration of whether the person has on-going medical needs.

This means injured workers and their families (and taxpayers through increased use of Medicare and social security) are bearing the cost of the cuts to the workers compensation system.

Employers, on the other hand, have enjoyed a 12.5% reduction in their workers compensation insurance premiums since the cuts came in and may be given even further premium reductions, even though rates of injury/illness in workplaces are not improving.

The pendulum has swung way too far. The workers compensation system should be a fair one that gives support to injured and ill workers until they are better and can return to work.


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  • Kathy O’Brien

    My supervisor lied about my knee injury told insurance investigator it was my left knee as I have severe injury to my right knee needs a operation I have a stuffed cartlidge and two tares the insurance surgeon agreed it was caused by my employment it’s consistent with the injuries I received and cgu has rejected my claim i have been with this company for 42 years I reported the area as a hazard and nothing was done see I’m a ohs and following the proper procedure by reporting this hazard I was told it won’t be done until they do the upgrades I said that’s not good enough Shane he said that’s how it is I have reported this many times so I get injured in the mean time

  • J

    Wife benefit sogical injury last December and was not allowed to return back to employer by the doctors as it would be detrimental to her recovery. She was sanctioned to move interstate by all including GIO NSW. Her injury management company were to assist her to upskill and eventually find new employer and job however upon arrival in Victoria the dishonest GIO case manager Claimed she abandoned Her job and cut All benefits. Icare investigated GIO won’t cooperate. Wiro investigated and they were absolutely useless. They didn’t bother reading the evidence and agreed with GIO based on lies. The fact is Doctors said wife cannot return to employer GIO agreed and return to work plan established regards to find new job interstate however upon moving interstate demanded us to move back and claims the doctor is wrong and my wife must return to previous employer. WIRO agree.