July 17, 2017

Your Rights

Knowing your rights is the first step to ensure those rights are being upheld by the insurers and the government. Below are links to our stories covering your rights and how to enforce them.

The five best pieces of advice I have ever heard for Injured Workers.
Over three years I have heard (and said) nearly every piece of advice for injured workers from nearly every source.[...]
When Workers Compensation collides with Work Health and Safety.
Education note to Union Organisers. When Workers Compensation collides with Work Health and Safety. The Injured Workers Support Network Helpline[...]
Five Things your Independent Medical Examiner Doesn’t Want You to Know.
1. You Can Have a Support Person Come in with You.Independent Medical Examiners are another term for Medico Legal Practitioners.[...]
Your Rights Series: Privacy
First in our series on your rights as an injured Worker.These questions come straight from a reader written so well[...]
Can my employer direct me to go to a Doctor?
Workers compensation laws are only one part of the three areas of law that govern injured workers. The two other[...]
Work Capacity Decisions: Merit reviews & Legal Support
If your appeal to the insurer hasn't resulted in them overturning their decision you can make a second appeal to[...]
Comcare: Appealing a decision.
The Internal Appeals Process Comcare calls this a "Request for Reconsideration". A reconsideration is conducted 'on the papers'. It is[...]
Work Capacity Decisions: Appealing a Decision
First review step: Internal ReviewThe first option for a review is called an Internal Review. An internal review is conducted[...]
Comcare: Your rights.
Your RightsYou have the right to receive entitlements You have the right to confidentialityAccess to documents that relate to your[...]